From a students' project to an association

In 2001, a class of the ninth grade at the waldorf school in hanover decided to get engaged in social issues. Their mentor, Ulrike Langescheid, had lived and worked in Estonia for several years and told the class about the circumstances, under which the Estonian urchins have to live. That's how the students' project "Elagu Elu" (Estonian for: „Es lebe das Leben“) was founded.

In 2002, the class made it's first school trip to Estonia. Along with Mrs Langescheid, the gardening teacher Wolfgang Kelwing and the former student and joiner Henning Stricks accompanied them as persons in support. Both stick to the project still today...

During the following years, the class project was joined by several pupils from lower grades. There were also more an more trips to Estonia for continuing the work.

Elagu Elu became popular even beyond the borders of the waldorf school. Since 2006, the project's members thought about founding an association for creating a legal foundation. These thoughts were realized in 2007: Elagu Elu e.V was founded.

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