The project was started out of the wish to be involved in social issues. We want to help children, who don't grow up as privilegedly as we do. Through our activitation, we may also experience, how much fun hard work can be, if it is done for a concrete sense. The award for our efforts is, to see, how our work progresses, the social camp is used by Estonian children and to find out, that little help can have a great effect.

In the social camp on Saaremaa, Estonian orphans and street children can have a pleasant time on holidays, when most of the children's homes are closed. Otherwise, they probably would have to live on the street again. Our work makes it possible, that these children can experience several weeks full of fondness and adventures together in a big community, after which everyone is xre-encouraged to return to his everday life.

Most of the street children are of Russian origin. Since the Russian population, as the former occupying power, doesn't have a high reputation in Estonia, the urchins are given only very little aid bei the state. Thus it's our wish to improve their situation.

The terrain on Saaremaa offers many possiblilities for future plans beyond the use as a holiday camp. It could function as a place for social rehabilitation of individual children or adolescents, as a training school for young people, who have already finished school (e.g. in the subjects of gardening, domestic economy, agriculture and forestry) or as a location for international meetings.

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