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Work projects in Germany:

For being able to pay the trips to Estonia and the construction materials, necessary to proceed the work on the social camp, we help people with activities many hands are required for. As reward we enjoy an appropriate donation.

These work projekts can be very different: we do gardening and relocations as well as buffets for events.

So if you could use some helping hands in the garden, need help with clearing out or something else, please call us! We would like to help you and you help the urchins in Estonia!

Work projects in Estonia:

The social camp arises on Saaremaa, the largest of Estonian islands. Since most of our associations' members are pupils, the trips to Estonia mostly take place during the summer and/or easter holidays. (In autumn and winter it's to cold outside to work on the buildings). During the mostly two-week trips we live in tents or the already completed house. Firstly, we have to buy the construction materials and bring the terrain to a habitable state. Because so many things are to do, hardly ever all people work at one place – workgroups are formed (e.g. building construction group, forest group, kitchen group and outhouse group).

Since 2001, many things have changed on the Saaremaa terrain due to our work: A forest area with two half-collapsed houses was transformed into a piece of land with two nearly completed blockhouses, a volleyball court, several outhouses and a kitchen house under construction. Most recently, the terrain was connected to the electricity network.

When German and Estonian holidays are overlapping, there often are some adolescents from Tallinn, who come to Saaremaa and work there together with us. Thus some contacts and friendships between people from Estonia and Germany have come into existence and enrich our work even more.

The trips to Estonia are always the highlights of the year because we are able to help on-site and see, how everything develops thanks to our work.

Collecting donations:

Our project has become bigger and bigger and so have the buildings on Saaremaa. As the size of the social camp has been increased over the last years and because there were big financial challenges, we decided to ask companies and aid organisations for financial support.

Due to these donations, we were able to realize various important projects (like the grid connection for example).

At this point we want to sincerely thank our main supporters: IKEA STIFTUNG, NIEDERSÄCHSISCHE LOTTOSTIFTUNG and CHILDREN FOR A BETTER WORLD. THANK YOU!

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